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2013 Edmond Back to School Guide

back-to-school-in-edmondThe end of summer vacation is nearly here, so it’s time to get those high-school and college kids prepared to go back to school. Revitalize Dental Implants knows that parents are probably getting plenty of input from their teens on shopping for this year’s must-have items and fashions.

However, it’s important that more practical preparations get their fair share of attention too, such as that back to school health and safety checklist. Letting that go until the last minute can make the start of the school year very hectic, so be sure to make your appointments early and handle these tasks well before the first day of school.

Back to School Edmond: Annual Physical Exam

Every student preparing for the challenges of a new school term should be seen by a doctor for a thorough physical examination. Immunization status is a particularly important issue to address with your family doctor. The schedule of required and suggested vaccines is a lot more complex today than it was ten years ago, so going over your student’s records with your doctor to be sure he or she is up-to-date is wise.

If your student will be active in any high school or college athletic programs, he or she will need a sports physical—a requirement for most sports programs. A sports physical differs from a general annual health exam in a number of important ways, focusing special attention of the cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems to identify individuals who may be at risk for illness, injury or sudden death due to undetected underlying health issues.

Dental Exam: Get it Done Early!

Dental exams are particularly important during the teen years. Wisdom teeth are a particular concern during this time, as they typically erupt between the ages of 17 and 21, and should be monitored closely by your dentist. While wisdom teeth can erupt without incident in some cases, they tend to be problematic for most, making wisdom teeth removal necessary.

Often, there is not enough room on the jawbones for wisdom teeth to emerge properly, leading to crowding or misalignment that can cause mouth pain and damage to adjacent teeth. Partial or full impaction is also a common problem, a situation that can lead to pain, infection and gum disease. Wisdom teeth removal, while it is a fairly routine procedure, is surgery, so scheduling it early to allow your student time to make a full recovery before going back to school is essential.

If your student is an athlete, particularly in a high-contact sport, now is the time to discuss mouth guards with your dentist. A custom fit mouth guard can offer effective protection against injuries to the teeth, tongue, face or jaw, a precaution that is well worth your time and effort.

Back to School Edmond: Eye Exams

Since vision problems can take a hefty toll on a student’s academic performance, a good eye exam should be done before the start of the school year. Vision problems can develop at any time, so a clean bill of health from last year is no guarantee against a problem this year, and they often develop very gradually, making them difficult to detect without a professional exam. If your student already uses corrective lenses, now is the time to check to see if an updated prescription is necessary.

These are just the basic health and wellness checks that students need before they head back to school. Edmond parents should contact their specific school district or college admitting office for a list of school-specific requirements.

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