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5 Questions to Ask About the Prettau Bridge

prettau-bridge-implant-tulsa-okIf you’re facing the need for tooth replacement or are interested in replacing traditional, removable dentures with a more comfortable, attractive and healthy implant supported solution, the Prettau Bridge is definitely an option to consider. Revitalize Dental Implants can help!

This bridge is a permanent denture made of Prettau zirconia, a material that has proven more durable than other materials and can provide a more natural-looking and attractive smile. If this is an option you’re interested in exploring with your Edmond dental professional, here are 5 questions to ask that can help you decide if the Prettau Bridge is right for you.

Prettau Bridge: What are the Advantages in Durability?

Acrylic or porcelain options can, over the long-run, have issues with chipping, fractures and wear. Zerconia is a stronger material, offering much less risk of fracture over the lifetime of your permanent denture.

Chipping is not an issue with the Prettau Bridge, since it eliminates the need for veneer ceramics. The smooth, strong surface of Prettau zirconia creates little friction as it moves against opposing teeth, dramatically reducing risk of wear to both replacement teeth and natural ones. These factors and others have established this advanced tooth replacement option as top-of-the-line in terms of longevity. Be sure to ask your dental health professional to explain how these characteristics might be of benefit in your particular circumstances.

How does the Prettau Bridge compare with other options in terms of oral health?

With any implant supported permanent denture, the implantation of artificial tooth roots into the jawbone stimulates the bone in much the same manner as natural teeth, preventing the bone loss that occurs with removable dentures. Another advantage in terms of oral health is the dense, smooth surface of Prettau zirconia, which resists build-up of dental plaque that can harbor bacteria to cause gum inflammation and disease.

Can I count on a good fit and how will they feel?

The Prettau Bridge is custom designed for each patient using CAD Cam technology, ensuring a precise fit. It looks and feels like natural teeth, and more importantly functions like them so you’ll be able to eat, chew, speak and smile normally once your procedure is complete.

What are the cosmetic advantages?

Prettau zirconia has a translucent quality—like that of natural teeth—that gives it a distinct advantage over other materials in terms of aesthetics. It will not absorb liquids or odors, eliminating the staining issue common to other denture materials and that infamous denture breath problem. It can be tinted to match your gums or remaining teeth precisely for customized and natural looking results.

Who is a good candidate?

Patients who have lost multiple teeth are the best candidates for the Prettau Bridge. However, it is important that patients have sufficient bone and gum tissue to support the implants and a permanent denture.

These questions are a good starting point in discussing your options in tooth replacement with Dr. Templeton. The Prettau Bridge is a great option for many, but whether it is right for you is best determined by a thorough evaluation of your personal needs and circumstances. Please contact us with questions.

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