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Regular Dental Visits Could Be Life-Saving

You already know regular dental exams could save your teeth. But did you know they could save your life, too? They can…by helping you detect oral cancer before it has progressed too far for treatment to be effective. In fact, dentists play a front-lines role in helping patients detect oral cancer so they can seek treatment fast. “But wait,” you may be thinking. “Aren’t smokers the only ones who are at-risk for oral cancer? I’m not a smoker, so I must be in the cle...

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Missing Teeth and Other Oral Health Concerns for Older Americans

Although May is wrapping up quickly, it is Older Americans Month. A month when we can celebrate the accomplishments, services and sacrifices that the older generations have made to our country. This coincides nicely with the Memorial Day holiday, another time to reflect and remember. As a dental implant specialist with vast experience in oral surgery, Dr. Templeton sees first hand the effects of age on the oral health of many Edmond residents. As we age, our birthdays tend to bring new oral heal...

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Over-the-Counter Pain Relief for Toothaches in Edmond

Toothaches usually sneak up unexpectedly, and the pain can worsen quickly. When this occurs at night or when you can’t get a dentist appointment, over-the-counter pain medicine is your best option for relief. Selecting the right one for you involves knowing what each medication is for, and whether or not you can safely take it. Follow these guidelines in choosing over-the-counter pain relievers. Ibuprofen Ibuprofen is the most popular pain relief medication for dental use that you can purchase...

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