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5 Questions to Ask About the Prettau Bridge

If you’re facing the need for tooth replacement or are interested in replacing traditional, removable dentures with a more comfortable, attractive and healthy implant supported solution, the Prettau Bridge is definitely an option to consider. Revitalize Dental Implants can help! This bridge is a permanent denture made of Prettau zirconia, a material that has proven more durable than other materials and can provide a more natural-looking and attractive smile. If this is an option you’...

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Teeth in a Day: The Latest Advancements in Edmond

While anyone who is in need of dental restoration is anxious for the work to be completed, there is a greater sense of urgency when a total tooth loss is an issue. That is one of the primary reasons that many patients have settled for removable dentures, despite the availability of dental implants. Although most know that implants offer healthier, more comfortable and attractive alternative to dentures, before implant procedures that offer teeth in a day became widely available, restoration coul...

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Permanent Dentures: Make Ill-Fitting Dentures a Thing of the Past

At Revitalize Dental Implants we understand dental issues. If dental problems have resulted in the loss of your natural teeth or will in the near future, there are a few things you should know as you weigh your replacement options. For total tooth loss, removable dentures were once the only option, but they were never an ideal solution. The long-term use of removable dentures often posed problems with oral health and function, as well as issues with comfort and appearance. With the advent of per...

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Permanent Dentures in Edmond: An Advanced Aesthetic Option

If you have experienced total tooth loss or have been told it is imminent, you should know that losing your teeth does not have to mean spending the rest of your life putting your teeth in a cup on the bedside table. While removable dentures were once the only answer to total tooth loss, there are better options available today – ones that look, feel and function like your own natural teeth. Among the most popular of these among Edmond patients is permanent dentures, an advanced aesthetic opti...

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