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FAQS about Wisdom Teeth Removal in Edmond OK

wisdom-teeth-removal-edmond-okThe average adult will eventually have 32 teeth, but the human mouth is ideally designed to hold only 28. Third molars, also called wisdom teeth, are the final four teeth to erupt.

Often, wisdom teeth grow in sideways, cause crowding, or only partially erupt through the gums. The following questions and answers will provide more information about wisdom teeth.

Frequently Asked Question About Wisdom Teeth in Edmond OK

Does everyone have their wisdom teeth removed?
When these teeth come in properly, you don’t need to have your wisdom teeth remove, but that rarely occurs.

What does it mean when wisdom teeth are impacted?
The term impacted is used when the third molars are caught behind bone, tooth structure, or soft tissues. To extract these teeth, a dentist will need to cut away the bone or tissue and gain access to the teeth.

Do all people have four wisdom teeth?
Because of dietary and evolutionary changes over the centuries, people have between one and four wisdom teeth. With dental X-rays, your dentist can determine how many third molars you have and if they need to be removed.

Is wisdom teeth removal painful?
Thanks to modern anesthesia options, dentists can keep their patients relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

What happens after the extraction process?
Most patients experience mild swelling and some mild discomfort. Your dentist will give you directives on how to control the pain. Follow your doctor’s instructions to promote healing and avoid complications such as dry sockets.

Keep checking back here for more wisdom teeth FAQs, we’ll be running this as a series. Also, learn more about the wisdom teeth removal process by downloading our free eBook:
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