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Permanent Dentures: Make Ill-Fitting Dentures a Thing of the Past

permanent-dentures-edmond-okAt Revitalize Dental Implants we understand dental issues. If dental problems have resulted in the loss of your natural teeth or will in the near future, there are a few things you should know as you weigh your replacement options. For total tooth loss, removable dentures were once the only option, but they were never an ideal solution.

The long-term use of removable dentures often posed problems with oral health and function, as well as issues with comfort and appearance. With the advent of permanent dentures, secured by dental implants, a better option has become available, one that addresses many of the shortcomings of traditional dentures.

Removable Dentures: Yesteryear’s Treatment Option

Removable dentures offered a much needed solution to total tooth loss for generations. However, there are some clear issues with their use, especially over the long term. Perhaps most notable is bone loss in the jaw, a process that begins immediately after teeth are extracted. Bones require a certain amount of daily stress to stimulate new bone cell production for bone maintenance. In the jaw, tooth roots provide that stress as you bite or chew.

Traditional dentures cannot provide that stimulation, so the jawbone will shrink and weaken, changing the way the dentures fit. Additionally, bone loss in the jaw has an aging affect on the appearance as facial support erodes. Permanent dentures, on the other hand, are supported by dental implants, which are placed into the jawbone as a substitute for natural tooth roots, providing stimulation to the jawbone for better support of bone health.

Another common problem that often occurs with removable dentures is shrinkage in the gum ridge that supports them, loosening the fit. Ill-fitting dentures slip out of place frequently, causing a variety of problems, such as mouth irritation, sores or callouses, difficultly chewing and embarrassing clicking sounds or slurring during conversation. Many denture wearers find some measure of relief from the instability caused by changes in bone and gum structure by having their dentures refitted or replaced every five to seven years. However, others simply stop wearing them, which contributes to further deterioration.

Permanent Dentures: An Advanced Treatment Option

Permanent dentures, firmly anchored with dental implants, will not slip, slide or click like traditional dentures. Since they help preserve oral structure, frequent refitting or replacement is unnecessary. While implant based restoration was once a lengthy process, modern implant dentistry techniques, such as the all-on-four procedure, can provide patients with a full set of secure, permanent dentures just as quickly as they could be fitted for traditional dentures or have an existing set replaced.

Many individuals who have worn removable dentures for years have been able to be fitted with permanent dentures by means of the all-on-four procedure. Specialized implant placement can often provide a secure and stable foundation for permanent dentures, even in cases where significant bone loss has occurred, without the need for bone grafting or other preparatory procedures.

People who have made the switch from removable dentures to permanent ones typically report much greater satisfaction with their new teeth, since they look, feel and function like natural teeth. Implant based reconstruction restores the ability to enjoy foods that were difficult to eat with traditional dentures, and since permanent dentures do not cover the roof of the mouth like a traditional upper denture, the sense of taste is not impaired.

Whether you are just losing your teeth now or have been making do with removable dentures for years, permanent dentures are an option that you should explore. Implant based reconstruction is the best solution by any measure, offering advantages in oral health, functionality, comfort and aesthetic results that simply cannot be matched by any other tooth replacement option available today. Contact us today!

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