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Summer Wisdom Teeth Removal in Edmond OK

summer-wisdom-teeth-removalWith Memorial Day in our rear view mirror and the end of the school year rapidly approaching for many Edmond families one thing is clear, summer is here. Even though it’s not official until June 21, the end of the school year marks the start of summer for school age kids and their parents.

Summer sports camps, trips to the beach and barbecue after barbecue are the hallmarks of the season. In our office, Dr. Ken Templeton sees another trend, it’s wisdom teeth removal season in Edmond.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Edmond OK

Summer can be the best time for a school age patient to have her wisdom teeth removed. School is out so there are no exams to study for, no sports are in season and the wisdom teeth removal procedure will cause the least amount of inconvenience.

With more time to relax and less commitments to worry about, Summer makes sense as a great time to have the procedure. Since wisdom teeth are the last teeth to form in the mouth, usually between the ages of 16-25, teenagers and young adults tend to be the most common patients.

As a dental implant specialist with vast experience and training in oral surgery, Dr. Templeton adheres to an evidence based approach to wisdom teeth removal. This means that he stays updated on the latest studies and scientific literature about wisdom teeth. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) recommends that all wisdom teeth be examined and managed by your dental care provider.

While not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, most do. Even if you or your teenage child is not currently experiencing any symptoms related to wisdom teeth, problems can actually occur and/or worsen later in life.

Summer Wisdom Teeth Removal

Consider these factors when making the decision to have wisdom teeth removed:


  • Recovery From Surgery – Immediately after surgery you will need to plan to rest for the remainder of the day. You should be able to return to normal activities the following day, excluding strenuous exercise. Dr. Templeton will provide advice on this.



  • Healing Time – It can take about 10 days for the extraction site to fully heal and close up. Healing under the surface of the gum will continue for about 10 more days. This is an important time to make sure the site is cared for as per Dr. Templeton’s directions and strenuous activities are kept to a minimum.



  • Food and Beverages – Drink plenty of water after the surgery. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and hot beverages like coffee. Avoid drinking with a straw for at least a week after surgery. Eat only very soft foods for the first 24 hrs. Avoid hard, chewy and hot and spicy foods that may irritate the surgical site.



  • Pain Management – While over the counter medication may be enough to maintain comfort additional pain medication is available after consulting with Dr. Templeton. Since pain medication can limit your ability to do certain things like operating a vehicle, Summer break may ease this inconvenience.


Summer is here. If you or your teenage child needs wisdom teeth removal in Edmond OK please request an appointment with Dr. Templeton.

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