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Teeth in a Day: The Latest Advancements in Edmond

teeth-in-a-day-edmondWhile anyone who is in need of dental restoration is anxious for the work to be completed, there is a greater sense of urgency when a total tooth loss is an issue. That is one of the primary reasons that many patients have settled for removable dentures, despite the availability of dental implants.

Although most know that implants offer healthier, more comfortable and attractive alternative to dentures, before implant procedures that offer teeth in a day became widely available, restoration could take up to a year, a delay that discouraged many. Fortunately, today’s patients aren’t forced to choose between the fastest option and the best one.

Your Best Option

Dental implants are undeniably the best dental restoration option available today, offering distinct advantages over conventional options, such as removable dentures, in appearance, comfort and support of oral health and facial structure. That’s because implants are designed to imitate the structure, function, look and feel of natural teeth, restoring not just the visible portion of the teeth, but also surgically inserting a replacement root into the jaw.

This is a crucial difference when it comes to long-term oral health, since it is the stress placed upon the jawbone by tooth roots that stimulates bone cell production for the maintenance of bone strength and density. A jawbone that has no tooth roots to serve that purpose will atrophy, shrinking due to bone loss. That shrinkage not only causes changes in the way dentures fit, it also weakens support for lips and cheeks, leading to wrinkles, hollows and sagging that gives the face an aged appearance.

Teeth In A Day in Edmond

So why would patients choose short-term and often short-lived satisfaction at the expense of long-term health and appearance? Chiefly due to the difficulties posed by long waiting periods. Doing without a viable solution to total tooth loss for months isn’t practical for many people, nor is it comfortable.

However, with the latest advancements in implant dentistry, like the all-on-four procedure, implant-based reconstruction can be accomplished as quickly as removable dentures, offering teeth in a day and eliminating the need to compromise quality for the sake of quick restoration.

The all-on-four procedure is specifically designed to provide patients in need of full upper and/or lower restoration a full set of secure, attractive replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. The all-on-four technique uses four specially placed implants to anchor a full arch of replacement teeth, rather than the six, eight or more necessary for other approaches.

While traditional implant procedures often require bone grafts to provide a secure foundation for reconstruction, all-on-four procedures can provide that security without that additional, time consuming step, offering lower cost and faster healing.

The Latest Teeth in a Day Advancements

For a teeth in a day restoration that offers superior results in terms of comfort, durability and a beautiful, natural-looking smile, implants placed with the all-on-four procedure can be topped with the Prettau Bridge. Constructed of exceptionally strong Prettau zirconia, the Prettau Bridge does not pose the problems with chipping, fracture or wear that acrylic or porcelain can, dramatically reducing risk of prosthetic failures.

The smooth surface of Prettau zirconia also reduces wear on opposing teeth, whether they are natural or artificial, creating very little friction as it moves against them. In addition to its superior durability and longevity, the Prettau Bridge offers exceptional aesthetic results, the Prettau zirconia it is made of having a translucent quality that closely resembles that of natural teeth.

With implant-based restoration that provides beautiful, natural-looking teeth in a day, patients facing total tooth loss have no need to settle for less. For patients who already have, dentures can be replaced with the all-on-four procedure.

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